Welcome to the International Institute of Finance,USTC!

International Institute of Finance (IIF) is a comprehensive strategic cooperation and innovation platform collaboration between the Hefei city government and USTC. Its mission statement is “Deep Data, Elevated World”, indicating its goal to improve the world through deep analytical research. IIF uses finance, big data, internationalization and interdisciplinary subjects as starting points to create a world-leading gathering place for financial economists, a cultivation base for financial innovation talents, an innovation-inspiring entrepreneur platform for China’s finance sector and a pushing hand for financial industrial reform.

IIF is located southeast of Huizhou Avenue and Yandun Road, a location in the core of Binhu International Financial Background Service Base.The first phase of the project covers an area of 41,500 square meters (about 62 mu), with a total construction area of 104,000 square meters and a teaching and research building area of about 30,000 square meters. There are 8 buildings in total. The project will be formally put into operation in September 2019.

The research directions of IIF mainly include the business data analysis, Internet financial, financial data, logistics, supply chain finance, financial wisdom and quantitative investment, innovation, entrepreneurship, etc., to fully show the features of the internationalization characteristics and mathematical tools (institute of mathematics, school of computer and information college, etc to build) and characteristics of the Internet (Internet plus, big data, such as the Internet of things).In terms of operation, the institute of international finance of the university of science and technology of China takes teaching and research as the core layer, industry-university-research integration as the close layer, and multi-party win-win cooperation as the cooperation layer to build basic research platform, open platform and education platform.In the way of high-end international education, it cooperates with Foster business school of university of Washington in Seattle, Olin business school of Washington university in st. Louis, university of Maryland, university of Maryland, university of Maryland, university of Geneva in Switzerland and other international first-class business schools, bringing together first-class teachers and cultivating high-end financial talents.To serve the local as their own duty, strengthen the cooperation with the one-party NPC and two sessions and financial institutions, further play the advantages of the university of science and technology in the field of scientific research and innovation, make full use of the resources of overseas alumni of the university of science and technology of China, regularly held financial frontier summit forum and high-end training, training high-end financial talents, promote regional industrial upgrading.

IIF will promote Hefei city’s financial leapfrog development and talents cultivation development by making full use of Hefei city’s geographical location, industries and environmental advantages in combination with USTC’s talents, scientific resources and platform. IIF will also facilitate USTC building a model combination of world-class discipline and university as well as a provincial and national model of politics-industry-university research cooperation, as IIF becomes a leader of international Internet finance and mathematical finance.